Soccer-Football Training Passing Guide

Passing the football is the most important part to a successful team and player. Without the ability to pass the ball consistently a team will never keep possession, and a player will never make it to the next level. A great passing player (Juan Roman Riquelme) can be as enjoyable to watch as a great dribbler.

What it takes to be a successful passer:


-Deciding where to pass the ball

-Analyze if the person is in space or do you have a better option

-Choice of pass

-Weight of pass



Receiving, or your first touch can be the difference between a pass reaching สมัคร ufabet บนมือถือ  it’s player or being unsuccessful. Your first touch is critical, is must control the ball, move the ball away from your opposition, create a opening for your pass. This must be done at a pace in which the defender can’t catch you, and you don’t take to long that your team mate is shut down. A player must be able to control all kind of passes (a long the ground, chipped in the air, a ball driven cross field etc). A player must also be able to control the ball with all parts of the body (chest, thigh, feet, head etc). A player can train this attribute by having a partner knocking different types of passes to each other. The 2 most aspect of a player’s first touch is the ability to bring the ball under control and keep the ball moving.

Deciding where to pass the ball

This aspect of football becomes more important the higher level you play. In reality a player should know of at least one option before they get ball in case they put under pressure. This done by not ball watching, but by continuously looking around at your options. As you improve this skill you will become aware of more damaging passes, and won’t get caught with the